Best Cashback Casinos 2020

Cashback casino bonuses are gaining more and more popularity due to their generous nature. Oftentimes, online casinos would reward its players with cashback bonuses in the form of either real money, free spins, or bonus funds usually aimed at keeping the gamblers wanting to play more. Some casinos offer to give out a weekly cashback bonus in the place of a welcome bonus because a cashback will surely bag profits in the long run.

What is a Cashback Bonus?

So, what then are casino cashback bonuses? They are a common and generous type of online casino bonus that seeks to give back a percentage of a punter’s total losses within a specified time-frame. Usually, the amount of cashback bonus you can earn is directly proportional to the amount of money you gamble. Therefore, the more money you spend, the better the cashback offer that you’ll receive in your player account.

Nonetheless, these bonuses vary from one casino to another that it sometimes gets cumbersome to search for the top cashback casinos in the market. However, worry not as we have got you covered through this review whereby we’ll show you some of the best online casinos that offer lucrative cashback bonuses.

Top Cashback Casinos for 2020

As mentioned beforehand, we’ll show you a list of top online casinos that offer the best cashback offers in the market. But, do you just jump into claiming the coupon once you come across it? No! Instead, make sure to dig deeper about each casino’s bonus terms and conditions before claiming its cashback bonus.

With that said, here’s a list of some top online casinos that offer cashback bonuses:

  • 1xSlots Casino – VIP Cashback.
  • Crazy Fox Casino – 20% Real Money Cashback.
  • Reload Bet Casino – €1,000 Monday Cashback, €100 Weekend Casino Cashback.
  • Wazamba Casino – Up to €3,000 Skywind VIP Cashback, 15% Weekly Cashback, Live Casino’s 10% Cashback.
  • Tornado Bet Casino – €100 Live Casino Cashback.
  • Bronze Casino – 10% Cashback on Mondays.
  • Thunderbolt Casino – 25% Cashback Promotion.
  • Goodwin Casino – Up to 100% Cashback.
  • Fair Go Casino – 25% Cashback, 30% Surfing Weekend Cashback.

It is worth noting that the above list of cashback casinos have been reviewed thoroughly by our experts to ensure that they meet every gambler’s preferences. So, whether you want a huge selection of games, top security and fair play, or favourable bonus terms, then you’re assured of finding your perfect fit.

Categories of Casino Cashback Bonuses

There are different types of rebate promotions that you can come across in the market and casinos online device unique ways to present them. This is advantageous because it brings about diversity. Interestingly, the majority of casinos offering cashback base the voucher on your deposit amount and you’ll be able to cash out as soon as you meet the wagering requirements.

A key determinant of the different categories of casino cashback offers depends on if they are seasonal (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly).

Main Types of Cashback Bonuses

  • Real Money – Imagine losing while gambling and getting paid for that in real cash…how cool! Even if the amount wouldn’t be the same as what you’ve lost, it’s definitely better than nothing. The amount is usually a small % of your net loss within a qualifying promo period.
  • Bonus Money – This class of casino cashback offer gives you back a chunk of your lost funds in the form of bonus funds. Usually, bonus funds are subject to huge wagering requirements but the bonus money cashback has a fairly small wagering condition. Some casinos would even need you to adhere to them only once.
  • Bet-Based – These are almost the same as complimentary points because they are determined by every individual stake you make. Actually, the only difference between them is that the comp points have an exchange rate while the cashback bonus will most definitely be awarded in cash form. The bet-based cashback is often game-specific or they just have varying collection rates determined by the game you choose to play.

Generally, all types of casino cashback are impressive and you’ve nothing to lose if you find any of them. Thus, you’d never go wrong in case you decide to claim this exceptional and generous bonus. In fact, the cashback bonus should be among your top priorities whenever you’re hunting for your favourite casino site.

Choosing the Best Cashback Bonus

The list of cashback bonuses is among the best that you’ll find n the industry. However, there are a few crucial factors to consider before settling on your ultimate cashback casino.

Are the Wagering Requirements Favourable?

Deciding to stick to a site’s wagering requirements isn’t as simple as it might seem in theory. As such, while going through an online casino’s cashback offer, it’s advisable to calculate and determine how much you have to gamble. That’s an important step because it’ll help you decide if you’re willing to stretch your pocket to that extent.

It wouldn’t be worth it to open an account with a casino just because of its cashback bonus, then not being able to follow the casino cashback deal wagering requirement. If so, then be sure to also consider other things like the games, other bonuses, minimum deposit, among other key factors.

Is the Casino’s Cashback Offer Permanent?

As mentioned earlier, the cashback bonus differs from site to site. While to some online casinos it’s a permanent feature, to others, the cashback is only available on seasonal terms. That means that it could be available for daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. If you’re in search of a regular rebate promo then you should avoid the sites offering temporary deals of the ones which will gift you the cashback only a few times.

Additionally, you need to keep an eye out for the casino games that are playable using the rebate program. In short, to determine all this, you will need to go through and understand the relevant bonus terms and conditions.

How Often are the Cashback Bonus Payouts?

Since all online casinos operate exclusively in terms of rules and conditions, Then you’d better find out what would work out best for you on an individual level. A mater of fact is that while some online sites offer regular cashback deals, others will tend to use a moderate basis, for instance, a few days. Thus, it’d be wise to make it your goal to find out the time-frame of a particular offer before you claim it. Remember, if a certain cashback casino doesn’t suit your budget, then it’s not worth your time.

How to Claim a Cashback Bonus

Getting to take advantage of the cashback casino offer is simple and straightforward for most casino sites. Simply, all you have to do is to access the promo from either the casino’s VIP or promotional sections and make real money bets. Certainly, no punter ever wants to lose on any gamble. While the experience is just unfathomable, this particular casino deal is designed to ease the pain of losing.

Most of the time, the cashback offer’s rewarded up to a set percentage – typically, between 5% to 30%. The rate is determined by the game developer of the title that the bonus is intended or the casino. In this case, the online casino takes full responsibility for the coupon. Especially if it is in-house while the developers handle the cashback if it’s associated with a particular game. Either way, regardless of who’s responsible for the promo, you’ll receive your real money refund no matter which payment option you opt to use.

The cashback bonus is automatically credited to your player account during the promotional period specified by the site you’re gambling from. The amount you’ll receive will depend on your sustained net loss during the promo period plus the percentage rebate specified by that specific bonus terms.

Sometimes, you’ll need to contact the customer support to receive the cashback bonus. While other times, it’s readily available to all active players. Further, some gambling sites maintain the reward exclusively for the VIP members who’ve gambled at the site enough to be eligible for it as a loyalty offer. In such a case, the cashback would be more lucrative for high roller customers.

Typical Casino Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions

Remember that every casino is unique and it is always advisable to go through each gambling site’s rebate bonus terms and conditions before jumping straight to claim it. Also, make sure that the site you are choosing is licensed and trustworthy to indeed offer cashback. With that clarified, the following are some standard rules:

  • All gamblers MUST be above 18 years old.
  • You must enter a bonus code (if required to do so), to claim a particular bonus.
  • The casino will cancel the coupon from any punter who attempts to violate it.
  • Gambling sites reward the casino bonuses while adhering to certain minimum and maximum limits.
  • The offer cannot be awarded together with the deposit match coupon at the same time.

Keeping these terms in mind will get you ready towards claiming your casino bonuses. However, you’re still limited to the overall T&Cs of the specific casino you’re gambling from. It’s probably boring to go through the conditions, but you’d better be safe than sorry!

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Casino Cashback Bonus?


  • It’s a good reward as it gives back a percentage of your money.
  • Usually has no strict wagering conditions attached to it.
  • It’s very favourable for high rollers.
  • It eases the frustration of possibly incurring unfortunate losses.
  • It can also be earned by playing live casino games.
  • Provides a player with a second shot at winning.


  • Most cashback bonus amounts are small in comparison to the amounts lost.
  • Some gambling websites will reward you cashback on deposits only which can lead to irresponsible gambling.

In Conclusion

Sometimes, you might need a bonus code to claim a casino’s cashback. Either way, you should always make sure to check the bonus terms & conditions first before rushing to claim it. You might be surprised that the amount on offer is very minimal in comparison to what you’d have to spend first. Therefore, in as much as the sound of a “cashback” is good, kindly refrain from playing more just to grow your cashback amount. It’s a reckless strategy to keep playing and losing.


Are cashback bonuses better than other casino offers?

Honestly, it’s all up to you. In case you’re a high roller, then, of course, the idea of a cashback is worth it. However, if you’re an average player, it might take time to attain the cashback amount. It’d be wiser to root for other regular coupons too.

How do I claim a cashback?

Most often, you’ll receive a cashback promo if you’ve signed up for it. This is possible through either a bonus code or a button that gives the consent for the casino to count you in.

Is the cashback bonus instant?

Most often, yes! The bonus wins will sit in your bankroll until when you’re ready to withdraw it to your wallet as cash.