Online Casino Games With the Best Probability of Winning

Interested in playing the world’s largest casinos with the best probability of winning? Obviously, the answer is yes, mostly because playing online casino games is more thrilling when you know you’ll win from time to time.

American roulette probabilitiesIn that case, it’s better to focus on those games that have a higher probability of winning. Looking at the casino payout rate, you can tell the casino’s house edge, which, by the way, is a statistical advantage a casino holds against your favourite game. Playing games with the lowest house edge creates more chances for your win.

If, for example, a casino has a house edge of 5.65% on American roulette and 15.6% on Russian roulette, you have higher chances of winning American roulette. With that secret tip, let’s jump right into it and explore casino games with the best probability of winning.

Craps House edge: below 1%

Probability of winning: 50

Craps is a dice game whose origin is America. It’s a table game where players play against the bank, in this case, the casino. The dealer rolls dices and players predict whether the bank will win with a combo of 7 or 11 or not. The 50% probability of winning is based on a simple wager- will the bank win in the next roll or not, giving players a 50% possibility of winning based on their prediction.

Why is crap an ideal game to play?

  • The game has no strategy to follow; you have to guess the outcome.
  • low house edge
  • best chances of winning


  1. blackjack

House edge: 0.3%

Probability: 49%

Blackjack probabilitiesBlackjack is a card game where a player has to defeat the dealer by showing a better hand. Instead of depending on skills, blackjack is a game of chance. To beat a dealer, the cards on your hand should have a value of close to 21 or 21. If you exceed 21, the dealer wins the round.

Why play blackjack?

  • It’s simple and fun
  • High probability of winning
  • You can find the game in almost all casinos.


  1. Baccarat

House edge: 1%

Probability: 48%

Next in the list of games in the biggest casinos in the world with a high possibility of winning is baccarat. Been an old casino game, it’s understandable why it’s available in most casinos. Though players have managed to develop different variants of the game, they focus on a common thing- getting a better hand than the dealer.

Your hand of playing cards should have a value of nine or close to nine. Here, you can place a bet on the bank, a player, or a tie.

Why is baccarat recommended?

  • It takes a short time to master the game.
  • You play both large and small bets.


  1. European Roulette

House edge: 2.7%

Probability: 48.7%

European Roulette ProbabilitiesEuropean roulette is a table game where you play a game with 37 slots. The probability of winning this game is higher than playing American roulette, which is reasonable considering you play with fewer slots. Yet, this statement is valid if you choose to bet on red or black, high or low, and odd or even. If you place bets on corner, split, and street, the probability of you winning is 8.1%, 5.41%, and 2.7%, respectively.

To play the game, you place a bet of the available option (could be even two bets on one match) and wait for croupier to whirl the roulette wheel.

Why play European roulette?

  • It has a wide range of betting opportunities.
  • It’s fast-paced.
  • Main bets have an excellent probability of winning.
  1. American Roulette

House edge: 5.26%

Probability: 47.4%

It’s worth noting that the probability of winning a game not only depends on the game but also on what you bet on. For example, European and American roulette has several aspects you can bet on. So, betting on columns, lines, and dozen give you low chances of winning. But, you choose to bet on odd/even, red/black, and low/high, your chances of winning increase to 47.4%.


Most casino games are competitive in terms of house advantage. But, some games give players better chances of winning than others. On the same note, some games providers also offer better winning rates than others. Take Microgaming, for example. It features Vegas single deck game where the house edge is 0.31%. Bwin’s house advantage, on the other hand, is 0.46%. It’s therefore essential to do extensive research to gain the upper hand when playing online casino. With that said, try the games we’ve mentioned above, and stand at a better chance of winning.