The Biggest Casinos in the World (Land-Based)

What are the biggest casinos in the world? When we say the biggest casinos in the world, we mean behemoths casinos- a casino that would be a small town by itself. These are the kind of casinos whose experience is not just gaming but next-level gaming. So besides having glamorous names, they comprise restaurants, accommodation, thousands of gaming machines, world-class entertainment, and everything there is about luxury.

It’s safe to say; these largest casinos are out to make a massive dent in your pocket. Don’t get it wrong- when you grace your presence in these casinos, they grace you back with nothing but fun and luxury. Enough already, let’s jump right into it and explore the biggest casinos in the world.

1. WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma, USA

WinStar World Casino and ResortSize: 600000 sq. Ft.

WinStar World Casino is one hour south of Oklahoma City and one hour north of Dallas. What started as a bingo hall in the 1990s expanded to what’s now the largest casino in the world? It features more than 7000 slots, 100 table games, a dedicated high stake hall, and a bingo hall that accommodate 900 players at a time. This ruler of casino serves you with the international atmosphere as they have named their gaming plazas after famous cities such as Paris and Vienna. To top it off, the premises hold 17 restaurants that serve different cuisines.

Want a glimpse of the casino before you fly there? Play at Winstar online casino, if it’s legal in your country.

2. Venetian Macau in Macau China

Venetian Macau in Macau ChinaSize: 546,000 sq. ft.

Setting foot on Macau brings you the most massive and luxurious casino in Macau China. The first thing that catches your sight is its exterior light reflecting on water below, giving you a sight to behold. Venetian was the biggest casino in the world before WinStar World Casino took over.

Venetian Macau boasts itself as an integrated resort as it has 39 stories, most of which are for gaming. They have over 2000 slots, 500 table games, and four themed gaming spaces.

3. MGM Cotai in Macau China

MGM Cotai in Macau ChinaSize: 500,000 sq. ft.

See that stack of jewelry boxes- well, they resemble MGM Cotai, one of the recently opened casino and the third-largest casino. The admirable thing about this casino is that it’s not salesy.

In fact, the first thing that will drive you here is not casino games but a theater, spa, or the breathtaking art they’ve displayed. Although their emphasis is on high-end restaurants and décor, they also have 1500 slots and over 175 table games.

4. City Of Dreams in Macau China

City Of Dreams in Macau ChinaSize: 420,000 sq. ft.

Seated across Venetian Macau is a City of Dreams casino. Contrary to MGM Cotai that focuses on casual visitors of the hotel, the City of Dreams is set to focus on gamblers. It, however, has over 20 restaurants and bars, making it one of the best resorts in Macau. The casino 420,000 sq. Ft. gaming floor has over 1400 slots and 500 table games.

5. Foxwoods, Ledyard, Connecticut USA

Foxwoods Resort CasinoSize: 340,000 sq. ft.

Foxwoods Ledyard uses its 340,000 sq. Ft. as the gaming floor that hosts over 3400 slot machines and over 250 table games. Although the casino is away from limelight cities such as Vegas and Atlantic, the casino building also hosts high-end restaurants and boutiques; you’ll be spoilt of choice. Other offerings at Foxwoods include a zip-line, golf, bowling, and spa.

6. Wynn Macau in Macau China

Wynn-Macau-in-Macau-ChinaSize: 273,000 sq. ft.

Inhale a life of luxury in this hotel and casino complex in Macau China. Besides over 1000 slots and 350 table games, you get to enjoy luxurious food, sleep, and over 29 designer shops. The complex also features a pool, spa, and art gallery and high- quality restaurants.

Several things make this casino stand out from the crowd. These include:

  • Tree of Prosperity that is color changing
  • a rotating Dragon of Fortune
  • Fluorescent Moon Jelly Aquarium.

There you have it-top six largest casinos in the world. The kind that “go big or go home” word phrase describes. In addition to being large, these casinos provide you with an excellent all-round experience starting with star names to outstanding accommodation, restaurants, amenities, and more games.

Over to you, now that you know where to land next.