What Types of Online Casino Games Are There?

Types of Online casino games

Types of online casino games

What is that one thing you’d say about online casinos? My guess is, you don’t run out of options when choosing a game to play. Developers continue to release new games every day, and if you were to play a different game each day, you’d never deplete the available options.

The great thing is, if you play the biggest online casinos in the world, you access multiple options with a few clicks of a mouse.

The question is, do you know all the online casino games you can play? What about all the variations? Well, it’s your lucky day. We’ll fill you in so that next time you log into your casino account, you’ll have enough information about what to choose and play.

What Are the Types of Online Casino Games?

In the 1990s, online casino games gained momentum following the dawn of the internet. It is now a multi-dollar industry. With that said, players have the three ways of playing a casino. These are:

  • Live online casinos

Live casinos allow players to enjoy a game as if they were in a physical casino. On a real-time web video, a gamer interacts with other players and live dealers as they would do in a brick and mortar casino.

  • Downloadable online casinos

Downloadable online casinos are when you download the casino software on your computer or phone. In this case, you don’t have to be online or use the internet to play a game. The download-based casino runs faster than web casinos as the animation, and the program is on the software you download.

There’s a catch.

Downloading a casino software comes with the risk of malware attaching onto your computer. You, therefore, need robust anti-virus software to help curb risks that result from malware.

  • Web-centred casino

To participate in a web casino, you need to have an account with the casino. Every time you want to play, log in with your details and start enjoying your games.

Under these three categories, there are various types of games. They include:


World largest online casinos have slots machines. Similarly to physical casinos, playing a slot machine at an online casino begins with you placing a bet and pulling virtual level. Consequently, several drum s spins around coming to a rest spontaneously. The images on which these drums rest indicate the prize you win whereby if the configuration of images is different, the prize payout matches it.

Video poker

Video poker involves you choosing the most potent poker hand/ five cards. You place a bet, and the machine gives you (deals) five cards. If you like any of the cards, you press a button beneath each to retain it (hold them). If you choose three, the machine ditches the other two and deals you new ones. You choose two more (at this point, this is your last hand, and a machine can’t deal you more cards).

A computer then pays out odds depending on what poker hand you have.


Blackjack is a table game whose origin is Europe. Your goals while playing this game is to draw cards whose face value adds or gets close to 21.  A royal card is worth 10, while the ace is worth 11 or 1. You get two cards, but you can continue to call until you decide to stick. An online dealer plays continually drawing cards until they hit 17 or they hit bust. If you win, you’ve rewarded a payout at 1:1 odds.


If it’s they are the world’s largest online casinos, expect the king of casino games. Roulette is the king game that is based purely on your luck. It has a wheel with numbered slots on the inside ring coloured black or red. You place a bet by guessing the number or colour on which a silver ball will rest. The dealer spins the wheel and drops a silver ball on the wheel. Undoubtedly, the silver bonces and comes to a rest when the wheel stops to spin. So, if the silver ball takes falls on the position which you guessed, you win.


Crap is a game based on rolling a pair of dice to hit 7 or 11 while you predict whether it will be successful or not. If you roll a 2, 3 or 12, you lose around, and you’re taken to the next round. Winning this game depends on whether you predicted correctly and not necessarily whether the dice fell on 7 or 11. A match takes seconds, thus fun and social game.

Ready to Explore Different Types of Games on the Largest Online Casinos in the World?

Each of these types of online casino games has variations. For instance, under slot category, there are games such as classic slot, fruit machines, progressive slots and 3, 5, 7, reel machine. However, you take the same approach to play all of them.

With that said, go and try new games.