Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev boxing betting odds and betting tips

After the incredible tactically won the fight against Andy Ruiz, the English boxer Anthony Joshua is going to face Kubrat Pulev for defending his IBF title. During the weeks different rumours appeared on the internet that these two boxers will face. Finally, we have confirmation that there will be such a fight in the upcoming months, most probably on March 2020.

So yes, there is an event, Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev for the IBF title. In the next paragraphs we will show you all the facts and everything you need to know in order to bet and win on this amazing fight. And not only, we will keep you informed about the latest news before the clash.

Anthony Joshua against Kubrat Pulev expected to happen at March 2020

According to the latest news we have, the contract which must be signed till the end of the week is already in Bulgaria, where Pulev is currently located. His brother Tervel Pulev has a fight on Saturday and it looks like that in Plovdiv the contract will be signed. As far as this is done, the auction for the date and the place will take in place.

At the moment the only known thing which is absolutely sure is that we are going to see such a fight. Anthony Joshua has already agreed to fight with the Bulgarian, moreover he must make at least 2 defends of his titles in the next 6 months and the most important and priority is the IBF Belt.

The fight between Joshua and Pulev will be played at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

It is not confirmed yet but it is very likely the match to be played at the Tottenham Stadium. The capacity of the venue is nearly 62 000 seats. Usually, Anthony Joshua is playing a lot in England, all defends of the belts he did in the UK, except the one he did in the USA, losing the belts from Andy Ruiz.

There are solid sponsors and it will not be a surprise if the match is scheduled exactly in England. Saudi Arabia are willing to pay for another match there but it looks like that Eddie Hearn wants his champion to fight again in the UK. We understand this decision as the people there adore him.

Moreover, while AJ was boxing in his home country he did not concede a single loss. As a champion, he will have the final word here but of course, sometimes money can do miracles.

What happened to the first match between Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev?

Initially both were scheduled to fight on the 28th of October 2017. But the match was cancelled because Kubrat Pulev got injured just before the game. Then the opponent of Antony Joshua was changed to Carlos Takam. The bout had to take place in Cardiff at the Principality Stadium. It is interesting whether we can expect something like that happening for this match. We do not believe that Kubrat will miss this chance, as he is chasing this title for more than 10 years so far.

Once is sure here, both will be thirsty for this fight and we hardly see that even with a slight injury, no one of them will retire from a match like this.

Style of playing and how Joshua won against Ruiz

It is not a secret that Anthony Joshua won against Andy Ruiz with amazing and iron tactic. His mentality was much better than the Mexican one and he totally dominated in the match. Compared to the last match between these two boxers, this time AJ did not underestimate the USA born boxer.

He was more careful, trying to avoid close fight with his opponent. Something, which was crucial for his defeat a few months ago in the USA. It looks like that Joshua is more mature now and this defeat he conceded made him really stronger.

What to expect from the fight between Kubrat Pulev and Anthony Joshua?

It is going to be an epic fight with great tactical battle. Both boxers are pretty strong physically as one hit on the right place, at the right time can be vital. This is the reason why we are expecting an amazing battle and possibly a win by points for any of them.

The style of Pulev changed a lot during the years. When he fight for the IBF title against Klitschko he was unconsciousness, thinking only for glory and money. Now it is completely different, people already know the name Pulev in the boxing spheres. And he took the needed lessons, now he is more experienced and ready to become a champion.

On the other side, Joshua showed amazing iron tactic against Ruiz and he resisted all confrontations during the match with the Mexican. We were surprised by the way he boxed in the mentioned fight. Definitely, AJ is having better speed and pace compared to Pulev but still he is not that good in defense.

This is the key of success of Kubrat. If the Bulgarian manages to place 2-3 good shots, there is a big chance to shake the British. Joshua is a little bit taller but we believe this will have absolutely no advantage here (not like the match against Ruiz).

Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev Betting Tips & Odds

It is pretty hard for anyone to predict a match like this. We believe that 90% of the bettors here will choose to play for Anthony Joshua and they will have the right. But we are on the opinion that Kubrat Pulev must not be expelled from this fight. He might not be on the needed level with a big mouth but still he is the world’s number 4.

We are not yet sure where the fight will take place but if it is in London, the stake for AJ will be high. He will be more than motivated to achieve a win on the newest Tottenham Stadium. In this line of thought, we would like to share our Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev betting tips. The game will be tough and difficult, as both boxers will wait for the right moment.

Because of this, we are on the opinion that at least 7-8 rounds will be played. Betting tip like over 7.5 or 8.5 rounds looks great but if you are a fan of the risky bets, you might go with Anthony Joshua to win by Points after 12 rounds.