Best Live Dream Catcher Strategy – Winning Tips & Tricks

Best Dream Catcher Strategy

Dream Catcher

Are you looking to play a money wheel which offers the ultimate prizes? Then Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming Live has it all. It’s among a new wave of live casino games which defy the odds of online casinos focusing on slots and card-based games only. Its popularity keeps on growing due to its interactive and fun dealers and a chance to win massive from huge multipliers.

What’s even more intriguing is that there is a correct Dream Catcher strategy which you can use to boost your winning chances. With some luck and a few multiplier tactics, you could smile your way towards the highly coveted 7x multiplier!

Don’t worry if you’re searching for that perfect Dream Catcher casino strategy as we’ve got you covered. Since it’s always a tactical and wise idea to get a hold of the general gameplay including the rules, we’ll also show you those in just a moment. Therefore, read through our simple yet comprehensive guide to upgrade both your play plus winning chances.

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What is Live Dream Catcher Casino?

The Dream Catcher live casino game by Evolution Gaming Serves as the introduction of a new generation of money wheel live games. The game aims to alter casino entertainment to be more appealing for the slot players. This live casino game gives players the chance to spin an accurate bespoke wheel designed exclusively by TCSJOHNHUXLEY. The game is set in a state-of-the-art studio with immersive lighting and sound effects that are synchronised to give an actual casino experience.

What’s more to the thrilling and actual casino feel are the strategically mounted cameras that capture every action and scene in various angles. As the wheels turn, the cameras follow every action and relay it in either your desktop or smartphone at your comfort.

Through combining of slots, bingo, and roulette features, Evolution Gaming diversifies the game’s audience than the three casino games attract separately. Every round goes for 45 seconds ensuring that participants don’t get bored waiting for the next rounds or turning of the wheel.

How Do You Play Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming?

To play the Dreamcatcher game is very simple. First, you’ll place a bet on a number you predict the wheel might stop then the dealer will turn it. After the wheel stops, a leather point will show the winning segment. Any predicted bets on the winning number payout depending on their respective odds.

The process is in three simple steps:

  1. You choose your chip size and place your stake.
  2. The wheel spins and stops to display the winning segment.
  3. Payouts on winning stakes.

You’ll see the table limits displayed on the screen. Additionally, a lighting system simulating the traffic lights will show you when to bet (green), when the wagering time is almost up (amber), and when you can’t place more bets for the current round (red).

To bet, you’ll need to pick a chip value then click a segment on the betting spot that’s in front of the wheel coverage. Each additional click increases your stake and you can stake between 1 and 6 betting spots. If you need to quickly bet on all the spots, then use the “BET ON ALL” function. After receiving the payouts for the preceding rounds, you can choose between repeating your previous bet, placing a new one, or doubling it.

Dream Catcher Rules, Odds, and Payouts

The payouts and rules of the game are quick to remember making the overall gameplay even simpler. The Dream Catcher wheel has a total of 54 pocket segments out of which 52 contain the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. These numbers occur in varying frequencies within the wheel making them dominant. The other two segments house the 2x and 7x multiplier fields.

The game odds equal the number of the winning segment and payouts of a “to one” basis. For instance, a win on 2 pays out at 2:1, a win on 10 pays out on a 10:1, etc. Also, your bet returns together with the payout.

Every number has varying amounts of segments on the wheel at inverse proportions. As such, the number 1 appears most times on the wheel with 23 segments, thus, earning it a low-risk title. These also show on its lowest payouts of 1:1. On the other hand, number 40 shows only once on the money wheel, hence, the lowest-earning probability even with its highest-earnings ratio of40:1.

The 2x and 7x multiplier pockets lock bets in place for extra free spins. During the free spins, payouts are according to the paytable multiplied by the multiplier value which triggered the relevant spins.

Dream Catcher RTP

The theoretical RTP for this game is 96.58% which is also an average RTP rate for most online slots.

Unlike the original money wheel games that lack multipliers, the 2x and 7x multiplier segments increase the house edge. Basically, in the long run, you could win an additional 15.55% over the base payout rates due to the multipliers. As such, the two segments take credit for placing the Dream Catcher casino RTP at par with that of online slot machines.

Live Dream Catcher Casino Strategy

When you play Dream Catcher casino, the ultimate tactic depends on your style of gambling. No matter which Dream Catcher gambling trick you choose, there’s no guarantee that it till earn you that big win at the game. With that said, let’s look at some of the best strategies to use:

  • The Safe Spread

This method puts focus on betting on the 1 and 2 number segments as they give you a wider Dream Catcher wheel coverage. Exclusively betting on the 1 and 2 segments covers 38 out of the total 54 segments – about 70% of the wheel. Even if the payouts are low, you’ll experience a boost in your bankroll.

This strategy rewards slowly and steadily but it’s much safer. An additional bonus will be to take advantage of the multiplier segments.

  • The Multiplier or Bust

This Dream Catcher strategy advocates for you to use the most rewarding pockets of the game – the multipliers. To boost your leverage more, you stake exclusively on numbers 5, 10, 20, and 40, which gives you about 25% coverage on the wheel.

Good for you if you settle on a multiplier segment as they could earn you an extremely big win. Even better will be when you consider the multiplier pile. The downside to this tactic is that you might have to wait a little longer for a win.

  • The Go Big or Go Home Strategy

Before we go any further, this tactic is exclusive for High Rollers only as you’ll need to be patient and on a somewhat higher budget.

With that clarified, it’s a very simple trick. Bet exclusively on the multiplier segments and the highest paying wheel pockets – the 20 and 40 fields. This strategy also gives you the lowest coverage on the money wheel (5.5%). But, in the rare event, it succeeds; you’ll receive the largest possible wins. For instance, 7x on the 40 pocket leads to a whopping 280x payout and on the 20 fields a 140x payout. In short, it’s a very risky but worthwhile option.

Tips & Hacks to Play Dream Catcher

Now that you’ve got a knack for the best Dream Catcher strategy to use, you’ll also need tips that will ensure you stay in the game for long and for worthwhile sessions. Remember, each session will keep you engaged in action with entertaining gaming experience.

  • Keep an eye on your budget

You should set yourself a budget that won’t stretch your pockets far, to use while playing the game. Further, you should stick to your set budgets at all times making sure you’re not spending past your limits.

  • Consider your bet sizes

This will help you find the correct balance between your playing time and bankroll. This casino game allows for different betting limits with most houses accepting bets of between 10p to £5000.

  • Avoid playing with tilt

Every experienced casino gambler knows the disadvantages of playing with an unsettled mind. For one, it might lead you to make rational decisions that will end up costing you. So, it’s advisable to only gamble with a relaxed mind and ready to gamble. Also, taking a few breathers between rounds will help you relax before taking more spins at the game.

Our Final Thoughts

This game has quickly secured a slot among the most thrilling and entertaining live casino choices. It incorporates the simplest rules, thus, it’s very good for live casino beginners. On the other hand, it’s perfect for experienced live casino gamblers and enthusiasts who’re into more engaging and social casino experiences.

For the game graphics and theme, this money wheel looks spectacular with multiple-angled cameras with immersive sounds and lighting. The game also uses some of the most friendly and cheerful dealers in the industry. With all the factors in play, you can’t resist playing this luck-based live casino choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Dream Catcher Casino Strategy Wins Big?

Betting exclusively on the 20s and 40s segments will earn you a big win. Winning on these pockets will earn you 20 and 40 total stake sizes, respectively. Together with the multipliers, you could be in for a massive win. However, remember that the two pockets have the lowest coverage and might take a long time to score.

Which is the Best Strategy to Use?

The best is the one that will align perfectly with your bankroll. In case you’re on a low budget but want to win frequently, it’s advisable you use a low-risk tactic. In case you’re in for the rare but massive win, then it’s recommended to use a high-risk strategy.

How Do You Bet at Dream Catcher?

Betting on this game is straightforward with just a few simple clicks. To do so, you’ll first need to choose a chip value that you would want to place a wager with. After selecting your preferred chip, you click on a number from the betting spot that is on the front of the money wheel. Then, the dealer will spin the wheel. Immediately it stops and you won on that round you’ll receive your payouts.

A lighting system that simulates traffic lights monitors the process of placing a bet. You can bet when the light is green, and cannot place more bets for that particular round when it’s red. The amber light warns you when the betting time is almost over.