Sensational! Fury Can Fight Usyk for All Boxing Titles!

It has been 2 weeks since the boxing spectacle between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua, a match which was decided by points in favour of the Ukrainian, and now it seems very possible for the boxing fans to see another thrilling game.

Oleksandr Usyk vs Tyson Fury

This time Usyk will face Tyson Fury who holds the WBC title after defeating Deontay Wilder two times in a row. Indeed, this will be the most awaited match in boxing history since Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. The stake is higher than ever because this game will provide the chance for any of both boxers to combine all four major boxing belts.


History Before the Boxing Fight Tyson Fury – Oleksandr Usyk

You may think there is no history before this fight happens but it is not like that. It was quite impossible a few months ago to see a boxing battle combing all heavyweight championship belts because Anthony Joshua held IBF, WBO and IBO and a few times he stated that he is not interested in a fight against Wilder or Fury.

However, the case is now slightly different, because Joshua has been defeated twice by Usyk, losing the titles eventually forever. Usyk stated multiple times that he does not wish to fight anymore and that he will make a compromise only if he faces Tyson Fury.

Similar was the situation with Fury, who stated a few days before the match Usyk – Joshua that he will retire from the professional box, something that seems to happen very often to the Englishman. Tough the Gypsy King, just a few hours later after the rematch, declared that he will be back only if he receives the chance to fight Usyk for all titles, something which looks like a dream to him.

Is It Possible for Such a Fury vs Usyk Match to Happen?

Well, there are already lots of information about this eventual match and it seems that it is very likely to happen. Prince Abdulaziz has confirmed that Saudi Arabia is very keen on having this fight on their soil, just like the rematch between Usyk and Joshua.

In addition, Eddie Hurn stated that everyone in the boxing world is looking at such a spectacle because the fans are tired of the usual and not-so-interesting games. Here the stake will be extremely high and the box office will win lots of money, including from sponsorships, pay-per-view, television contracts, etc.

How Did Tyson Fury Reach the Fight Against Usyk?

Tyson Fury is one of the most complete athletes in the boxing world, according to many experts and critics. Maybe he is not one of the favourite boxing players for the fans because of his unorthodox style of boxing and behaving. However, he is making the show and this is why he is interesting.

At the moment, the Gypsy King is holding the WBC title, which was won against Deotay Wilder. Both athletes played three games in total, one draw and two wins with KO for Fury. Thanks to these victories, Tyson Fury is now the undisputed contender for all titles that are missing in his collection.

After Wilder, Fury had some more fights, which have not been so spectacular and the Gypsy King won without pressure in all of the matches. Below you can see against whom he fought during the past few months:

  • Tom Schwarz
  • Otto Wallin
  • Dillian Whyte

How Did Oleksandr Usyk Won the IBF, WBO and IBO titles?

Before Oleksandr Usyk had the chance to fight Anthony Joshua, he was an undefeated champion in the Cruiserweight division. However, this was not enough for him and he wanted to get the most out of his boxing career so he started competing in Heavyweight.

As a gold medalist in the London Olympic Games 2012, Usyk decided to compete only professionally and he became one of the most recognised and popular Ukrainian athletes. Just after he transferred to the heavies division in the boxing world, he achieved two fast wins against Witherspoon and Chisora

This was pretty much enough for him to challenge Anthony Joshua for the IBF, WBO and IBO belts. Initially, no one was giving chances to the Ukrainian, though he showed real class and totally outclassed AJ. The same happened in the rematch where he won with a split decision.

When Can We Expect the Boxing Match Usyk – Fury?

As you know, this winter is going to be very busy for neutral sports fans. There is a football World Cup in December and a few more global sports events. However, Fury will be given around six months to defend his titles and if he wants to keep them, he will need to fight before March 2023

According to our latest information, the earliest date that can be booked for a boxing fight Usyk vs Fury will be the 17th of December 2022. Though there is nothing sure yet and we cannot confirm it. Both boxers’ teams are doing their best to find the best suitable date for this fight to happen.

Where Will the Boxing Fight Usyk vs Fury Take Place?

We do not know yet for sure but it is very likely to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian Prince already confirmed that they are extremely interested in hosting a match like this. Moreover, the money both players can win is not for underestimated. 

Indeed, Saudi Arabia is a good spot for this eventual match but what are the other destinations where the fight can happen:

  1. Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. London, Great Britain
  3. Las Vegas, USA

How Much Money Can Won the Winner of Fury – Usyk?

In a match like this, money will not be a problem because both athletes will be rewarded very generously. However, Tyson Fury already said that he will fight only if he gets 500 million pounds. This is a sum that boxing has never seen and maybe it won’t happen.

Though the eventual hosts from Saudi Arabia already stated they are ready to provide this money for the fight but only if it takes place in Saudi Arabia. In comparison to the last title fights, the winner took around 88 million pounds.

Tyson Fury – Oleksandr Usyk Betting Odds, Tips and Chances

As you know, the betting world will have a huge interest in this match happening, because millions of players all over the world will want to place their bets on it. Because of the recent events in Ukraine, we believe Usyk will not be 100% ready for a match combining all belts. This is the reason why we expect Fury to be declared as a slight favourite according to the bookies.

About the chances, well, both players will have their chance to win the fight. They are experienced boxers who know how to hit hard and defend. Indeed, Fury is a typical KO fighter but he showed a few times, including in the first match against Wilder that he is not very stable in the late rounds. He already stated that he will KO Usyk for just 4 rounds, but we hardly doubt it.

If we need to make a prediction, maybe we will stake for Tyson Fury to win the game. He is one idea more prepared for a fight like this and this is his only ambition right now! Money is also a huge factor because, at the moment, the Gypsy King fights mostly for money.

Tyson Fury – Oleksandr Usyk Betting Tip: Fury to Win by Decision

Tyson Fury – Oleksandr Usyk Tickets for Sale

No one confirmed the boxing match yet and there are no places where you can buy Fury vs Usyk tickets. As soon as the game is confirmed, experts will update this paragraph and will post here some sites where you can buy tickets for this super fight.

Final Words

We still do not know yet if a fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will happen, though we believe it will be very interesting for the boxing fans to see it. Many experts are showing their positive opinions on this topic and we hope very soon everything will be cleared out. If we have a bit of luck, maybe we will be able to watch this spectacular boxing fight at the end of the year.