Team Liquid vs MiBR CS:GO 26.03.2020 – Betting Prediction, Stats & Odds

team liquid vs mibr

In these tough times for the sports industry globally, there is one comparatively new area which is getting popularity which each day. This is the so-called eSports industry. And because we cannot give predictions about sport events, we will use our scene for the CS:GO ESL Pro League matches. The game we are going to write a very detailed review with full analysis, betting prediction, stats and odds will be for the game Team Liquid vs MiBR which will be played on 26.03.2020 at 21.00 UTC Time. Of course, the time can be changed till the event starts but for now this is what we have as a piece of official information.


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Team Liquid News

The new year did not start pretty well for the Team Liquid as they have a negative balance since the beginning of the new calendar year. The Dutch gaming team is in a streak of 2 matches without a win and they will be more than motivated to achieve an easy and not that difficult victory against the team of MiBR. So far the balance of Team Liquid for 2020 is 4 wins and 4 losses. Now after the two consecutive losses in a row, the Dutch team is owed to win here against the Brazilian guys. In the past weeks, some changes happened in the Team Liquid team as they achieved pretty nice wins in the other sports different from CS:GO. New players signed new career roles and marketing managers. Definitely, the team is enjoying the times at the moment and it looks like nothing can stop them.

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Team Liquid CS:GO Players

team liquid cs:go players

These are the players of Team Liquid who will represent Team Liquid on 26th of March for the CS:GO ESL Pro League Qualifications. We believe that you know most of them and there is no need for us to describe them one by one. For more information, you can always visit the team official web site: and get more details. They are very active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as well, so do not hesitate to search for them.

MiBR News

CS:GO is definitely the sport where MiBR is best at. Indeed, they are struggling in the past few weeks as they have participated in two tournaments this calendar year. They played in DreamHack in USA and Blast Premier in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the results were strongly unsatisfying. They achieved 1 win and 3 losses. The question here is, can they resist the much stronger team of Team Liquid on 26.03.2020? We think that the Brazilians are having their chances here, despite the odds are strongly against them. It will be a very closed and matched game so definitely, there is a big value going for MiBR here. As you know, in the industry of eSports, there is no favourite and no underdog.

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MiBR CS:GO Players

mibr cs:go playersThe team you are seeing on the left of this text is the Brazilian guys from MiBR. They are definitely very strong on CS:GO as this is their primary sport. Actually, the whole team was created by the idea of playing Counter-Strike together. Indeed, it is a team fully devoted to this sport and game. For sure, MiBR will do the impossible to pass through this round of Qualifications in CS:GO ESL Pro League. Just like in the Team Liquid representation, if you want to get more info about the team or the players, you can visit their official web site: or try to find them on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram.

Team Liquid vs MiBR CS:GO – Stats & H2H

In total, we have in our records 15 h2h matches between the teams of Team Liquid vs MiBR on CS:GO. Of course, it is expected the advantage of those statistics to be on the side of the Dutches. Below in the table you are able to see all matches in our archive for these two commands. Normally, Team Liquid is having 10 wins, while the Brazilians from MiBR have just 5 victories.

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All H2H games between Team Liquid vs MiBR CS:GO

31.01.20BLATeam LiquidMIBR2 : 0
14.07.19BLAMIBRTeam Liquid0 : 1
20.06.19ESLTeam LiquidMIBR2 : 0
25.05.19CHAMIBRTeam Liquid2 : 1
17.05.19CHAMIBRTeam Liquid2 : 0
04.05.19IEMSTeam LiquidMIBR2 : 0
13.04.19BLAMIBRTeam Liquid0 : 1
23.03.19BLAMIBRTeam Liquid0 : 1
08.12.18ESLMIBRTeam Liquid0 : 2
21.10.18ESLTeam LiquidMIBR0 : 1
21.10.18ESLMIBRTeam Liquid1 : 0
07.10.18CHATeam LiquidMIBR1 : 0
07.10.18CHAMIBRTeam Liquid1 : 0
25.07.18ELETeam LiquidMIBR2 : 0
22.07.18ELETeam LiquidMIBR2 : 0

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Team Liquid vs MiBR CS:GO Betting Prediction &  Odds

As you have probably noted while reading our article, we are almost 100% sure that Team Liquid is going to win this fight. They are with a bigger budget, with better players and despite the fact that they are involved in more than one sport, they must win this match. Yes, MiBR is concentrating everything only for the CS:GO competitions, especially, when we are talking about ESL Pro League but still the quality of their team cannot match the quality of Team Liquid. The odds are definitely not that satisfying (you are going to see the table with bookies and odds below) but we are still going for the so-called favourites here – the Dutch Team Liquid. With the overall shape and the need of making their victory-loss balance positive, this must be a definite winner for them.

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